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Giants' pot-holes of Mt. Sumbra
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Anguillaja and Fatonero are two ditchs of the Apuan Alps, located in the southern slopes of Mt. Sumbra (1765 m) and Mt. Fiocca (1709 m) in part, about 650 m away from each other.

ditches are left tributaries of the Turrite Secca stream, which in turn is right tributary of the Serchio river.

the channelled swirling waters have dug in their rock bed spectacular largecavity-shaped pot, better known as the Giants' pot-holes.

are presented to the viewer as regular cavities, roughly circular in shape, with very smooth walls and a cap shaped bottom mostly.

Anguillaja and Fatonero’s pot-holes are naturally carved into the rock and their size is extremely variable, ranging from a few centimetres in diameter up to 6.6 m, and the depth of 1.6 m.

Two Giants' pot-holes in the Fatonero ditch

How to find us

From Lucca: follow the Serchio river along the valley road. After 48 km you will reach Castelnuovo Garfagnana. Then take the provincial road n. 13 in the direction of Forte dei Marmi/Versilia for a total of 60 km.

From Massa: exit the A12 motorway at Massa and follow the signs for Antona. The provincial road n. 4 reaches Pian della Fioba and crosses the Apuan ridge at the tunnel called "Passo del Vestito". After the second tunnel is Arni. At the end of this road, turn left onto the road coming from Versilia (SP 13). Continue in the direction of Garfagnana for almost 1 km, for a total of 35 km.

From Versilia: exit the A12 motorway at Versilia and follow the signs for Castelnuovo Garfagnana. After Seravezza, take the provincial road (n. 9 e 10) that passes through Ruosina, Retignano, Levigliani and Terrinca. Then go through the Cipollaio tunnel and cross the road coming from Massa. From here, the route is the same as above, for a total of 28 km


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